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Bowen Therapy


My name is Coni and I would like to introduce you to an Alternative Therapy developed in Australia and practised worldwide:


Bowen Therapy

the therapy that triggers your body to heal itself


Be amazed how this gentle yet so effective bodywork therapy can help you with acute and chronic aches and pains such as:


neck and back pain

frozen shoulder

knee/ankle and foot injuries

digestive problems

pelvic and hip problems

and many more... 

Bowen Therapy and Beyond is based in Toronto and offers a friendly and caring environment for you to relax and regain better health and well-being. I am accredited with a Diploma in Bowen Therapy, fully insured and Bowen Therapy is claimable through most health funds.


Give me a call on (02) 49591679 and we can discuss how Bowen Therapy can help you or check out my website