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Lantz Marshall

Our Services

  • Community Engagement and Cosultation
  • Social and Economic Impact Assessment
  • Crime Prevention Strategy
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Community Facility Planning
  • Cemetry Consultancy




Lantz Marshall is a consulting firm based in the Hunter Valley and services the east coast of Australia.  Lantz Marshall provides a broad range of specialist services to both the private and public sector including:

-Social impact assessments
-Economic impact assessments
-Recreation and community facility planning
-Community engagement and consultation
-Feasibility studies
-Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
-Master planning
-Cemetery strategic planning
-Project management

 Lantz Marshall applies its skills and experience in a range of areas and disciplines and works with other professionals to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service, advice and project outcomes possible.  At Lantz Marshall we have attained an excellent reputation through:

-Offering value for money services
-Providing accurate and timely advice
-Meeting tight timeframes
-Working effectively with our clients and partners
-Work within and according to our brief and scope of work